It's so pretty I wouldn't want to cut on it.

April 02, 2016

It's so pretty I wouldn't want to cut on it.

I frequently hear the comment, " it's so pretty I wouldn't want to cut on it" regarding our cutting boards. I want to dispel the myth that our cutting boards are designed for looks only, or that after several days of serious slicin' and dicin' they will look terrible. 

I will give you an example

A before and after picture of cutting board that is 3 years old.

The cutting board pictured above belongs to my mother-in-law. She is old school and chops, slices, dices and uses her cutting boards to their fullest potential. The board on the left is after 3 years of use. We took the board back and lightly sanded and re-oiled the board. Looks like it's good for another 100k chops!

Let me explain some of the features in our cutting boards.

1. They are end-grain cutting boards. This results in minimal wear on the board and your knives. (I will elaborate more on this in a future article). We design and build a  fully-functional cutting board that also has a unique and creative design. 

2. Our boards are constructed with water-proof glue, vs. water-resistant glue. 

3. They have rubber feet that elevate the board 1/4" off of the surface and prevent the board from sliding on your countertop while in use. This allows air flow around the board and prevents warping and reduces uneven drying of the board - which can lead to splitting, cracking and complete failure.

So, the next time that someone proposes that our cutting boards are "too pretty to cut on", you will know the truth.

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