Markets, shows and such

September 11, 2016

Markets, shows and such

Having recently participated in the Pinterest Pinners Conference & Expo in Arlington, TX., I wanted to share a few thoughts about markets. 

After a long, hot, dry, summer it was refreshing to get back into the swing of retail with an excellent show and great attendance. When I first began conducting shows late last year, I had my reservations about how much I would enjoy them. I had always pictured myself as a "non-salesman" type of guy. I don't like high pressure, in-your-face shopping experiences and did not want to bestow that nightmare on anyone looking at my products. 

I have been very pleased with the experience. After being in the shop manufacturing products throughout the week, it is nice to interact with people who show a true interest in my products. 

The markets afford me the ability to obtain immediate feedback from customers. I have been able to turn this into new products being offered and/or existing products with options and improved design features. It is always rewarding to a person like me who is crafting a product to receive a warm, receptive welcome from the public.

We will be doing shows throughout the next several months leading up to Christmas and I welcome the opportunity to talk with you at a show. I do appreciate the people who attend these shows - not just as a source of income, but rather as an additional partner in helping me improve myself and our products. 

Thank you

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