Review of reviews

July 15, 2017

Review of reviews

With the prevalant use of reviews,whether it's a review for a restaurant, Uber, Amazon product, or a bad haircut, they have impacted businesses more than in the past. Why, because it is always easier to bitch and complain about something than it is to give a nod of approval. The human race is determined to prevent another human from experiencing the poor customer service or lackluster product - but are hesitant to share their good fortune in finding a superior product or excellent customer service with their brethren. 

Yea, I get it. Quality products and excellent customer service should be the norm. But the irony is that when it isn't, the whole world will hear about it and when it is "mums the word". I realize that writing reviews can take time and energy. After the initial purchase "high" from a great product or  being lavished with awe inspiring customer service, the last thing you have time for is a pause to give a simple "Golf Clap". 

 No one, including me, likes working for a boss that only notices the negatives and never acknowledges the positive. But realize that in the business world, the customer truly is the boss. If you decide, based on reviews, that you will not buy my product or visit my establishment, then I have already lost two customers - you and the person writing the review.  Reviews can and should be the small business version of an employee evaluation. And similar to a typical evaluation, it should cite clear, concise points. I'm sorry but, "I didn't like restaurant A because the hostess gave me the googly eye when I asked for a booth", doesn't quite cut it.

A review is the public acknowledgement of a lot of hard work, attention to detail, and blood, sweat and tears on the part of the owner. That same owner,(me), also cares about building a business. In order to truly build a sustainable business, public acceptance and perception are vital. 

So - the next time you write a review, think about what it truly means in the long run.  

There, I'm done!

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