October 01, 2017


I was recently attending and working at the Pipe & Palette in Plano. We were helping with the Plano Magazine’s Wine Walk. I currently have products in Pipe & Palette and was tending to thirsty patrons and talking about Chopping Blox products.

I was approached by a gentleman that introduced himself as Brent Martin. He asked about our products and inquired if I had tried using an epoxy that glowed in the dark. I was intrigued! Brent proceeded to tell me about his company – ArtNGlow, that sells glow in the dark paints and epoxy. Within minutes, Brent had agreed to send me some samples and we exchanged information and he was going to contact me later in the week. Well, he did and in the meantime, I had researched his website and product.

I know what you are thinking – big deal, he is trying to sell and this is what it looks like!!

Well, my hat is off to Brent for several reasons.

  1. It is not easy putting yourself out there. Get knocked down numerous times and it becomes even more unpleasant.
  2. He was not pushy, aggressive, or instrusive. He merely inquired if I would have a need for his product and I was drawn in. I have a weakness for new and interesting angles that I can add to my wood creations that will make them unique and attractive.
  3. Believe me when I say that I have sold to other businesses and it is not always easy. The company rep may like it but is unable to transfer this to the idea that others may also like it. I see this as a fallacy that increases proportionally as the company gets larger.
  4. I have made unique products for other businesses and when I attempted to take it to the next step, it faltered because the other business did not have any further vision as to the potential. This is frustrating, tiring, and gets old very fast.
  5. Within several days, my wife and I had come up with 4 unique ways to implement his epoxy into our wood lineup.
  6. Not every new product is going to be a hot “pet rock” phenomenon. But if a business is not willing to take calculated risks and step out there, than they will eventually get eaten up by someone who does.

Right now, I am uncertain how far I can progress with this product. But the spark is there and I wouldn’t have found it on my own. I want to thank Brent for approaching me with his product and tell him to keep on working it!

P.S. I received the samples and am currently working with them. I liked the picture of the ship that I found on the Art 'N Glow facebook page. 

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