About Us

I started Master Woodworks LLC in 2000.
Initially, we focused on kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers and custom furniture.
In 2012 I was asked by a customer if I could make her a custom cutting board for her kitchen island. Based on the size and design requirements that she requested, since we weren’t re-inventing the wheel, I assumed that there would be a plethora of boards available online.

I was mistaken. Yes, there were a lot of cutting boards available, but few had a unique well thought-out design, or possessed the basic requirements that I envisioned.

Thus Chopping Blox® was born. My basic tenets were: that the boards be true end-grain boards, have well thought-out designs, and be fully-functioning cutting boards, rather than merely kitchen décor. Having done extensive kitchen work as Master Woodworks LLC, I saw the need for a cutting board for the kitchen connoisseur as well as the cooking connoisseur.

Our mantra – “…where food meets art”® continues to inspire and direct us.

Matt sanding another cutting board with ‘Ol Yeller. It makes the little parts that much easier.
Our shop located at 17666 State Hwy 121 in Trenton, TX.