There’s an old saying, “ No one wants to hear about the labor pains – they just wanna see the baby”. So, in short, I’d like to point out just a few of the construction details all Chopping Blox® cutting boards possess.  

End-grain construction-
There are end-grain cutting boards, and long-grain (or edge-grain) cutting boards. End-grain boards have the grain running vertically so that you use the end-grain part of the surface.  

End-grain cutting boards are superior in that they aren’t as likely to warp, split, or crack. End-grain boards will absorb the impact of a sharp knife and will not be as apt to show cut marks.


Waterproof Titebond III glue is used in all construction.  This glue is strong, durable, water-proof and food safe. 


Waterproof - Passes ANSI/HPVA Type I Specification
Superior strength
Longer open time
Lower application temperature
Resists solvents, heat and mildew
Unaffected by finishes
Water cleanup & Non-toxic
FDA approved for indirect food contact
Sands easily without softening
Safer than traditional waterproof glues



Rubber feet and stainless steel screws. Screws will not rust after prolonged water exposure and the rubber feet will keep the board from sliding around on the countertop – be it Formica, granite, Corian.


Mineral oil is used to treat the board. Food grade Mineral oil is food-safe, easy to use, readily available and cheap. We could provide a rich concoction of special ingredients at $20 a bottle. But I think that the simple easy approach is called for here. After all, you didn’t buy a Chopping Blox® cutting board to spend your extra time nursing it!

Your cutting board has been pre-treated with mineral oil. The only requirement for you to keep the wood looking good is to re-oil it about once a month with mineral oil. The easiest way to apply is to pour some oil onto a clean rag and wipe the board thoroughly. Allow time for the oil to soak into the board and then wipe away any excess oil.