FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about a CHOPPING BLOX® cutting board?

Chopping Blox® has taken the functionality and time-honored tradition of true, end-grain cutting boards, and paired the workhorse character with traditional and chíc designs.

Some of the advantages of end-grain boards are: they show little knife wear and are less dulling to knives, they are less susceptible to warping and cracking, and with proper care they will last a lifetime.

Just a few of the characteristics that our boards have, which many other manufacturers do not include:

  • End-grain construction
  • Rubber feet attached with stainless screws to prevent board from sliding around and eliminates the board laying on a wet countertop - increasing chances of warpage.
  • All cutting boards are pre-oiled with food grade mineral oil. They are ready to use out of the box and we don't believe that you should take on a second job of laboriously caring for you board. See the simple cleaning and maintenance in the next question. 
  • All cutting boards come with a decorative metal easel. We believe that our boards look so good that you will want to place it on the countertop where it will look good and be readily accessible. Cutting boards and easel are designed to fit under most upper cabinets. 

We offer free shipping on all our products. 


How do I clean and maintain my board?

Chopping Blox® boards are easy to maintain. Wash your board with soapy warm water after each use. Rinse. Spray or wipe the cutting surface with white vinegar to prevent mold or bacterial growth. About once a month, during typical use, apply food grade mineral oil with a soft cloth over the surfaces of the board. This will invigorate the wood and bring out the natural glow.


How should I store my board?

After cleaning your board, you can display the block in the stand, adding an attractive feature in the kitchen, while keeping it readily accessible.

The stand and block are designed to fit under your upper cabinets, thereby reducing the counter space occupied.

Alternatively, you can place your board back on your countertop. Due to the rubber feet, airflow around the board will allow it to continue to dry evenly.


Can I request a special design or place a special order?

We certainly hope you do. We welcome any special requests. Please peruse our custom section to see other requests we have filled. Then, please contact us with your design requirements. We will respond with a price quote. We typically have a 2 week turnaround on custom work from the time of confirming the order until delivery. We provide custom graphics prior to confirmation to ensure the accuracy of work to be done. Submitting quality graphics will speed up process time.